At DKV, we are experts in health promotion and prevention

Health depends not only on a medical checkup; it's an attitude, a way to feel positive and to live positively. This is why we actively work to promote good habits and encourage behaviours that let you make the most out of life.

Do you want more reasons to choose DKV for your health insurance?

 Our coverage sets us apart

  • Dental service included (at no additional cost).
  • Unlimited teeth cleaning and chiropody.
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy with no limit on sessions.
  • Broad coverage for transplants: bone marrow, cornea, kidney, liver and heart.
  • Medical care in work-related and road traffic accidents.
  • Reimbursement of expenses for medical care abroad in the event of serious illnesses.
  • Daily payment for hospitalisation from the third day (when not covered by the company) at no additional cost. 

 We offer solutions for health promotion and prevention

  • My Healthy Living Plan, with online prevention programmes to promote prevention and habits for healthy living.
  • Vive la Salud virtual community, a social network for answers to all health queries.
  • Medical advice telephone lines:
    DKV practitioner and paediatric line 24 hours, and women's health, nutritional information, sports, etc.
  • Preventive medical checkups.

 We work with the best

  • A medical directory with over 19,000 healthcare professionals.
  • With highly respected specialists and 1,200 health centres.

 We're committed

  • Commitment not to cancel your policy (due to a high number of claims) after 3 annual payments.
  • We do not reduce your coverage when you turn 65.

 We take full advantage of new technologies

  • Online authorisations.
  • Online appointment requests for certain diagnostic tests.
  • Self-settlement of bills via the website (reimbursement policies).
  • Medical Directory app on your mobile.
  • Online sign-up.